Audience Engagement: Is It Really That Essential?

Social media is growing at a rate that no one saw coming. It is unprecedented. None of us can correctly predict where things in the world of social media would go after 10 years. Or even 5 years for that matter. But there is a fact that nobody can deny. Social media is here to stay. It’s the language of the millennials and the most modern way of communication in the 21st century. That being said, finding success on it is also becoming tricky day by day. With a good chunk of the population having their accounts on at least one social media platform, it’s a cut-throat world for any company. People’s attention spans have decreased drastically and that’s why keeping them engaged is getting even harder.

This is where the talk about audience engagement comes in. Let’s say you manage social media for a small cafe in your city. There’s a good chance that your competitors are also on the same platforms as you. Now keep yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Who are you more likely to follow? A café page that posts inconsistently and only blindly markets their services, or a page that engages with the audience on a human level, and is subtle in the way they market themselves. The answer is pretty clear.

Because of all these aforementioned reasons, audience engagement has become the number one goal for brands trying to make a healthy image online. This includes multiple aspects. The first being, acknowledging everyone that connects with your brand in any manner. This could get harder as your page gets more and more popular, but it’s still doable at a certain level. Secondly, posting the sort of content that would actually connect with the audience is key. No one likes a blatant marketing agenda and most of the time people can look right through them! Thirdly, being consistent with this good content is crucial too. As mentioned before, attention spans are getting shorter so maintaining relevancy is a must.

With these few factors in mind, your brand image can skyrocket (in a positive way!) In no time at all. After that comes things like maintaining this image and making sure it’s not being tainted by any individual or company. And if it does get hampered in any manner whatsoever, ORM Expert is here to take care of that situation.


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